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The week so far…

Hello bloggers,
This is JY filling in for NM since he is sick. So, this week we have had the ITBS going on for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Today) And now we are FINALLY done!!! On Tuesday, Jacob and Jess returned from touring the world to teach us Middle Schoolers! They helped us prepare for our upcoming SNL (Seabury Night Live) and we are really excited about it! Today (Wednesday) in P.E. we played a few games of hockey and then came back, did another ITBS testing, and ate lunch. We did jobs after that and now we are going to French and Technology. Tomorrow we will be going to the T.A.M. (Tacoma Art Museum) for a day filled of art to see Rockwell’s work. Well here is the update for today, and I will blog for you soon! (hopefully, when I get this job again) This is JY, signing out.

today we had the ITBS testing then we went to the park. after that we had lunch but at 1:00 jacob and jess came in and talked to us about S.N.L which is Seabury night live we wrote a basic outline up. thats all stay tuned in tomorrow to see the pictures

Hello blog readers! I have stolen the job of writing the blog from SB today (Ok, I didn’t really steal this job, HG assigned it to me because SB was gone this morning). So today we started off our day with current events. We then had Blocks, as usual, but today Mr. G was sick, so we had Mrs. Wollum teach us math, where we figured out mysterious magical math tricks. After Blocks, we went out to lunch.

We (LN, Mrs. Wollum, and I) found out something horribly depressing today: one of our favorite lunch spots, Infinite Soups, has moved out of the Antique Mall. We ended up going to the deli downstairs instead. The other groups went to India Mahal, Hal of a Sub, and Pita Pit.
After jobs, we’ll have Tech with Adam, and then Civics with Mrs. Bono.
Thanks for not being here this morning, SB so I could write this!

Bonjour, SB giving you an update on today We are Watching Some Saturday Night Live skits for “inspiration” right now. It is very amusing. Other than that… nothing really going on… We have gotten the prompts to choose from for our “to Kill a Mockingbird” reflective essays.

  • Hello, SB here informing you about the news of Seabury Middle School… We Finally have a date for our “Seabury Night Live” preformence, Wednesday May 18th, I cannot give you any examples of material, due to the fact that we have not written any yet. It will be approprate and fun for the kids… Also graduation ceremonys will be on the Friday the 3rd of June. (By the way pay no attention to the other post by “EK” or whatever, beacause it’s my job this week)
  • Today has been rather uneventful, normal math and vocab classes. We went over Ideas For our SNL (Seabury-Night Live) skits. We went to the YMCA today and played “Floor Hockey” It was fun, athough my team lost, speaking of Physical Challenges, Paul Is the top Bi-Athlete In north amarica Due to a win in a international championship.
  • Hope You like my first post (I don’t know how to turn of the bullets) I’ll keep you updated until my time is up
  • ‘Till Tomarrow,
  • SB