Monthly Archives: May 2012


SMS students have just completed a course in yoga. Students learned basic yoga poses, played games and focused on the lifeskill of relaxing. They would beg for the final pose in a a yoga practice, Savasana, which in Sanskrit translates to “corpse pose”. This was the most challenging pose for some students, it takes trust to let go, but by the final week they were all yogi masters at this!  Thanks to Good Karma center for letting us use their studio!


Recently, in Technology and Integrated Arts, we began a circuit-bending unit. Circuit bending is the act of customizing circuits within electronic devices. We are exploring this art form through a mix of research, creative experimentation and problem solving while working with old battery powered toys as well as beginning electronics kits. So far, we all learned to solder and identify basic electronics components like resistors and capacitors while busting toys and building cool flashing light European sirens!

Franke Tobey Jones Visit

After interviewing residents of Franke Tobey Jones about their lives during WWII, SMS students returned to share their own stories about visiting Normandy and Omaha Beach in France. Some students purchased gifts for a Colonel who survived D-Day. They presented them with a photo book and a poster made from their photos and reflective writings.

Interviews with Women Leaders in Tacoma

Seabury School kids have been exploring the ideas explored in the documentary Miss Representation. The film explores how the media’s misrepresentations of women have led to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence. To find out how this may affect women leaders in our community, the student have been interviewing influential women in the Tacoma area.

So far the students have  had the opportunity to speak with; Pierce County Auditor, Laurie Anderson, Tacoma Councilwoman Lauren Walker, State Representative Laurie Jinkins and Port Commissioner Clarie Petrich.