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Seabury 6th Graders Win Startup Weekend Seattle by Creating a Company that Teaches Kids How to Code



Check out two of our amazing 6th graders who took first prize at Startup Weekend Seattle, beating out adults as they developed a computer coding program for kids.

“It took two middle schoolers to come up with a game that could teach kids to code — developing an approach that could revolutionize the way technology is taught in schools.
It’s called GenerationCode.
Seabury Middle School sixth graders Fiona Brennan and Semira Lacet-Brown and their team of nine professional adults took top honors at Startup Weekend at University of Washington last weekend.
Lacet-Brown has been learning to code for two years and she’s been having a hard time finding a tool that suits her level of skills, noting that there aren’t any coding games for middle schoolers.
The girls took the top prize at Startup Weekend, a 54-hour event where entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and developers all come together to pitch their ideas for businesses, form teams and build projects. Each team
 presents their project to judges at the end of the event. As Lacet-Brown was interested in coding and Brennan was interested in design, they sat down together and came up with a computer game that teaches young kids how to code.” -Geekwire Magazine

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We couldn’t be more proud of these innovative, creative ladies.