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Backpack Bootcamp 2011!

Backpack Bootcamp 2011

Olympic National Park

Cape Alava/ Sand Point Loop

Backpack Bucket Ninja
Getting started…

Almost to the beach!

Cape Alava


Room with a view.

Special visitor

The visitor runs through our camp.

See a bald eagle- do eagle pose!

Hole in the rock (out of order-whoops!)

Warrior 1! Getting limber before the hike.

Day 2- Hiking along the beach

Ancient Petroglyph

More beach hiking.

In the hole!

Ever so stylish- kelp boa.

Snack break along the way.

Little beach house we found in front of our camp.

We love it!

Check out the clouds!

Running in the waves- they found a cool sandbar.

Some log jumping antics.

Seesaw balance game.

Let’s get everyone on! They did get it balanced but I missed the shot.

Dinnertime! Mac and cheese is a big hit.

Improvements were made to the little beach house.

Note the ferns and the reinforced back wall.

Great friends- having a great time.

Low tide at Sand Point.


Lots of sea anemones to poke

View of Sand Point from the giant rock we climbed.

View from top of giant rock.

Look carefully- there are kids on the rock in the foreground- nothing but the wide open Pacific behind them.

There they are!

There ain’t no bugs on this guy!

Home sweet home- the beach is right through the trees.

Hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate/ Uno game party!

What a memorable trip!