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IMPORTANT NOTE: We begin school each year with a closed kitchen. This means no student may bring a lunch with anything that needs to be cooked on the stove, toasted, or microwaved until the kitchen has been officially opened for business.

Dear Middle School Parents,

We hope you have been having a fantastic summer and your students are starting to get excited for another exciting year at Seabury Middle School. We’ve been working hard this summer organizing and cleaning up the school and planning curriculum and field studies for an excellent year.

We’d like to officially welcome our new and returning families and introduce you to (or remind you of) our staff.

Sandi Wollum– Head of School

Paul Gonzenbach– Math/ Science focus and Integrated Studies.

Tamara Ritchie- Language Arts/ Social Studies focus and Integrated Studies

Adam Brock– Technology and Integrated Arts specialist

Jo Ann Olliphant- French

Middle School Email Addresses:
Sandi Wollum:
Tamara Ritchie:
Paul Gonzenbach:
Adam Brock:
Jo Ann Olliphant:
Middle school office:

Please check for weekly updates here! We will send an email to let you know when the blog is updated.

In the classroom, we work toward providing each student with an education that is tailored to his or her academic needs, as well as his or her strengths. In doing so, we hope to provide your child with a solid foundation of skills from which to begin their own journey of discovery. We work to provide a stimulating, enriching, supportive environment that will encourage your child to grow academically, emotionally and socially.

Important Dates:

Back to School Parent Night! – Thursday, Sept. 6. 2012 6 p.m. Join us for an evening where we can explain our program, discuss important changes, communicate student expectations and advice for parents. This meeting is mandatory for at least one parent or guardian per family.

Mark your calendars! Our Fall Field Study will be Sept. 17-20 at Camp Colman in Longbranch, Wash. We will be needing 3-4 parent chaperones. Please read the attached information about this trip.

Included in these links, please find:

Looking forward to a great school year!


Seabury Middle School Staff

Last night

Can’t believe we’re on our last night already!! We’ll be seeing you all in just a few short hours.

Reminder: we’ll be coming in on Lufthansa flight 490 from Frankfurt, arriving in Seattle at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Yesterday: Mont St Michel and St Malo.


Today: Normandy.


Terrible Internet connection in Saint Malo. Everyone still alive and happy – photos to come when we can get them up. Happy birthday Wyatt!! Reminder to ask your student about Wyatt’s Flaming French firecracker birthday cake. 🙂

Les chateaux de la Loire

Today we had a bit of a sleep-in. Why, you ask? Well aside from the fact that we’ve been going, going, going, it was daylight saving time in France!

We left the hotel at 10 a.m. today, roughly two hours later than our average so far, and headed for Chenonceau.

Many people said this was one of their favorite stop of the trip so far. We had a leisurely two hours to explore the chateau and grounds and had a fantastic time of it.


Next we moved on to Amboise, the final resting place of Leonardo Da Vinci.


Tonight we had dinner and a wander in Tours – tomorrow we hit the road for Mont St Michel.

As a reminder, we’re posting these simple updates on the fly – mostly to let you all know that we’re still all happy and healthy and having a blast. More details and photos will be posted once we return.


Onto the Loire …

After our morning at Versailles yesterday, we continued on to Chartres Cathedral.



From there, we made our way to Tours, arriving just in time for a French cooking lesson.


Adults jumped in at first, but after chopping a few chives and carrots the scene became a bit too reminiscent of, oh, every single night at home. After that, we sat back, kicked our feet up, and let the students prepare the rest for us.


On our way out, we received a wonderful compliment from the proprietor – she said it’s not every day that you find a group so polite, so intelligent, and so enjoyable to work with.

Today we’re venturing out into the Loire Valley to explore the chateaux of Amboise and Chenonceau.