Monthly Archives: June 2016

Good morning from Oregon!

Wow! What a couple of days. Yesterday was a busy day with stage combat in the morning (expect some theatrics when your students come home), Great Expectations in the afternoon, and a late night with Hamlet in the evening.

Hamlet was amazing! The production that OSF put on was a combination of modern and Elizabethan, with a very brooding, guitar-playing Hamlet, and Elizabethan-esq costuming. The production was outside in a beautiful theatre and it was actually the opening night!







Today we had a late morning so the students could sleep in, and a discussion with the actor who played Laertes in Hamlet. The kids had great insight and observation and it was so fun to hear their questions and debates.

Later today we have a renaissance dance workshop and an actors workshop this evening. Then, back home tomorrow!

Safe and Sound in Ashland!

Hello families!

We are safe and sound in Ashland. We had a nice drive down, a quick dinner, and then walked to our first class of the week- masks and movement. Students explored movement through the design of masks and had fun dancing, wiggling, and trying on the masks, of course. Tomorrow’s a busy day of plays and workshops, with Great Expectations in the afternoon and Hamlet in the evening.
Look for more updates soon!