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2015 Capstone Symposium

Last Wednesday, we hosted our very first Capstone Symposium!

This year, eighth grade students worked hard on their Capstone projects. They picked a topic that they found interesting, wrote and researched papers on that topic, and then developed a long-term project. On Wednesday, they presented their hard work to friends, family, and the greater Seabury community. For their presentations, they were asked to reflect on what they had learned through the process.

Here are the Capstone projects that students did this year:

Astrid IMG_5072

An avid artist, A.A. researched the importance of public art, and worked on designing and painting a mural at the end of Court C. She had to submit a design and artist’s statement into Spaceworks Tacoma, and was granted a space in which to paint her mural! Her final design was based on a woman who, while growing up, reflects on the way her city has changed.


B.S.’s project was based around learning graphic design, and creating an open-source website for the images he created. He is interested in graphic design, and learned about design elements, Photoshop, and web design during his Capstone project. You can check out his website here:


C.H. has been an athlete for his whole life, and so wanted to base his project on athletics. Because social change can also be seen in professional sports, he researched athletes who broke down social barriers in order to play professionally and who had an effect on the civil rights movement. He also learned the elements of Photoshop to create informational posters, which he put on a blog. You can see them here:


L.B. is interested in both geography and teaching, so he thought he would combine the two for his project. He worked with Seabury teachers to develop a geography curriculum, and then taught it to classes at our lower school Campus. During the process, he learned a lot about lesson pacing, classroom management, and curriculum development.


M.B. has been making jewelry since she was young, so she incorporated that passion into her Capstone project. She undertook a complex research project that looked at the history of marketing and fashion, and how they affect our society today. She then filmed and edited a video where she explains how to create a piece of jewelry. She submitted the video in a contest on, and won! You can see it here:


A.W. researched solar power. He looked at how it works, the pros and cons of solar energy, and what makes it better than energy from fossil fuels. Likewise, he interviewed experts in the solar energy field and looked at how miniature solar power generators can help people who don’t have access to consistent power.


A.G. is an avid musician, singer, and songwriter. She wanted to use her talents to create an EP, so she researched the process, wrote two original songs, and, with the help of Mr. G, recorded them along with two covers. During the process, she learned a lot about songwriting, and the technical aspects of recording music.

Z.K. wants to be a doctor when she grows up. In order to get a good sense of what that entails, she interviewed several doctors on their experiences. She also researched important medical professionals throughout history including Virginia Apgar, and Ivan Pavlov. She wanted to also volunteer in a hospital but unfortunately, there were age restrictions. She’ll be continuing her project next year as well!

We are so proud of all of the hard work that the eighth graders did this year! Their Capstone projects required a lot of research, insight, and creativity, and they all did a fantastic job!

Theater Worksop with Tacoma Youth Theater. 

The students had a chance to work with artists from Tacoma Youth Theater the last few weeks. They performed improv and short scenes from famous plays. Everyone had a chance to participate in the many elements that make up the theatrical arts.  

Vocal warm ups
  Beauty and the Beast, or something…
  Improv is much harder than it looks! 

  Robin Hood! 
  An incredible moment of magic onstage.  
 “Oh Tom, I’m all ashiver.” Tom Sawer and Huck Finn.