Monthly Archives: May 2011


Hello fellow blog readers, this is DM today we are all in hyper drive with all of our projects and duties to preform. First we went to the Y and did some aggressive dodge ball after some skit performing at school. We are cleaning up the school like a bunch of flies cleaning out a jelly jar. The school is looking pretty good. Later today we will have French with Madam and science with Mr. G. maybe we will do some experiments. We have been practicing our skits like madmen with Mrs. R and are feeling good. we have done some tech podcast and are working on the rotary exchange videos with Adam and are doing great. This is DM signing out for now.

Today the not as lazy ones who read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, got to go to the actual Panama Hotel in Seattle, while the other ones had fun at the middle school and worked. We took the bus to the hotel at about 8:40am and we went to Kobe Park across the street. We examined the various spots that Keiko and Henry (in the story) went to. Shortly afterwards, we went to the fabulous Panama Hotel and had some delicious lemon grass, jasmine, golden, and amber tea. Mrs. Ritchie also treated us with some delicious pumpkin bread. Afterwards, we went to this very sumptuous Dim Sum restaurant. Later on we returned to the middle school after a long bus ride back, finished lunch, and did Jobs. After this we get to work on our skits, study for tests, and work on Science. Then the fabulous Mrs. Bono will come to teach us about Civics. Hope this gives you an idea of our day, and this is JY, signing out.

today we did not have Adam because he was sick 😦 so we had normal blocks after that we went to the YMCA and work our abs then we played bump and NM won and got a 1 pound bag of jumbo marshmallows. when we got back we had lunch and it was Mrs. R birthday

then we worked on skits for Seabury night live then we had civics which ended our day