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Update 10/18/2012

Today we had a chance to meet with Council-member Jake Fey and Senator Debbie Regala in the City Council chambers. With the 3-5th grade classes, we were able to ask questions about the upcoming elections and how elections work in general. The kids loved sitting in the council members seats. They look good up there! Can’t you picture them up there in a few years?

Remember: No school tomorrow! (WAETAG conference)
High School Information Night: Wednesday, Oct. 24
Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences: Oct. 25, 26

We hope to see you at Jim Webb’s talk tonight. “Being Bright Is Not Enough” 7:00- at the Tacoma Convention Center

Update 10/11/12

What a busy two weeks! We’ve been in and out of the building on our many field experiences. We’ve learned so much about Tacoma History and got to experience more of our modern city.  We spent some time learning how to research primary sources in Tacoma Public Library’s NW room. We had a chance to ride the Link to the Washington State History Museum and see exhibits related to our study about the origins of Tacoma. We also visited the very fun Job Carr museum, a founder of Tacoma, and had a walking tour of Old Town. The visit included a tour of St. Peter’s Church, the oldest church in Tacoma- including the oldest bell tower (ask your student to explain). My favorite tidbit was that the first schoolteacher in Tacoma apparently used to visit the Spar Tavern before work, then spit his chewing tobacco on the floor of the schoolhouse!

We’ve also celebrated M.M.’s birthday, began learning about the upcoming elections and tested the strength of the bridges the kids built out of pasta.

Upcoming Events: 

October 18: “Being Bright is not Enough”, a seminar with Dr. Jim Webb- 7:00 at the Tacoma Convention Center.  See the flyer in Friday Folders or check your emails for more information.  We highly recommend this to all families!

October 19: No school- WAETAG Conference (Washington Association for the Education of the Talented and Gifted)

October 26 & 26: No school- Student led conferences -Contact Mr. G if you still need to schedule a time.

October 31: Halloween Party- kids wear costumes to school. We will spend the morning at a corn maze, then head to the lower school for a parade and party.