Snow Shoeing and Semester Showcase

It’s been a big week at the middle school! On Wednesday, we went up to Mt. Rainier with Dr. Todd (glaciologist, PLU) to see the differences in seasons with the glaciers and rivers. We talked about how the park was different a few months ago, a few years ago, 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, and one million years ago. We also got to snow shoe around Longmire and see the hot springs and remnants of the turn of the century retreat that used to be there. What a great day! Huge thank yous to Dr. Todd for coming with us and sharing her expertise on glaciers and Mt. Rainier, Cory for securing the snow shoes, and students S. and F. for helping plan the day.

Thursday night was our big Semester Showcase. We had a great turn out of current, former, and prospective Seabury parents and students. There were presentations on students’ Washington history Social Studies projects as well as creative writing projects on the Mima Mounds. The evening ended with a bang and a rattle as the students tried out their Earth Science final projects on the shaking table. Students were challenged to create a 1/15 scale model three-story building that would withstand a strong earthquake. On Thursday, each student got a chance to explain their philosophy and strategy in their design and try out the finished product on the shaking table. The diversity of strategies and products was truly amazing and the kind of thing you can only see at Seabury. We were finally able to topple one project by putting the shaking table on full-bore-destruction-mode for quite a while, which was strangely satisfying and fun. But amazingly, all the buildings survived the regular trials! Another great day! A huge, enormous thank you to Carlos for building the shaking table!!

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