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Harry Potter Park(ing) Day!

Excuse me sir, would you like to play some Quidditch?

2014-09-19 10.01.31
Today Seabury students participated in Tacoma Downtown on the Go’s annual Park(ing) Lot day.
Students transformed a parking lot into a Harry Potter Wonderland, complete with a Quidditch game, Harry Potter books and all manner of props.




2014-09-19 10.03.49
Students also got to visit other booths set up around the city and helped to get to know and support other local businesses.




Passersby were invited to also play some Quidditch and have the Sorting Hat decide which house they were in, which determined which cool Seabury prizes they could win.

Through this activity students had to make phone calls and inquire about getting props. They had to determine how much artificial grass would cost and borrow things from other businesses in the neighborhood. They had many chances to interact with various people in the community. Most important, they had to learn to work together and cooperate!

And…. check out “Professor McGonagall’s” retro Beacons chair- a gift from when she taught the current 8th graders when they were in 2nd grade! The kids had fun seeing how much bigger their hand prints have gotten.


Overheard at Camp Colman

2014-09-11 14.51.55“Messing up helped us figure it out”

Without talking we learned to watch each other and figure it out."“Without talking we learned to watch each other and figure it out”

2014-09-11 14.59.08“Support from each other helped us finish.”

2014-09-11 15.24.25“That was the first time I saw kids solving it that way!” (from the counselor)

2014-09-11 15.26.07 “I’ll call that ‘creative cheating’, you all broke rules I didn’t even think of!” (also from the counselor)

2014-09-11 19.33.47“It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone.”

2014-09-11 20.21.13“I’m nervous, but I’m going to do this anyway.”

2014-09-12 12.03.10“We’re on different teams but we’re still friends!”

2014-09-12 12.46.26 “Go Team Seabury!”