The week so far…

Hello bloggers,
This is JY filling in for NM since he is sick. So, this week we have had the ITBS going on for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Today) And now we are FINALLY done!!! On Tuesday, Jacob and Jess returned from touring the world to teach us Middle Schoolers! They helped us prepare for our upcoming SNL (Seabury Night Live) and we are really excited about it! Today (Wednesday) in P.E. we played a few games of hockey and then came back, did another ITBS testing, and ate lunch. We did jobs after that and now we are going to French and Technology. Tomorrow we will be going to the T.A.M. (Tacoma Art Museum) for a day filled of art to see Rockwell’s work. Well here is the update for today, and I will blog for you soon! (hopefully, when I get this job again) This is JY, signing out.

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