Each quarter, we poll the students on their interests and have them brainstorm enrichment classes they would like to take. This year, they came up with quite a few good ideas like, entomology, astronomy, ancient history, and book club. After much deliberation, we decided on cryptozoology, film club, and debate. We had students rank them in order of interest, and last week, we started on our electives cycle for this quarter.




In debate, we’ve been researching debate topics such as “Democracy is the best form of government”, “We should only use solar energy”, and “Students under the age of 14 should not be allowed to use Facebook.”
We’ve been discussing why it’s important to have evidence backing up your arguments and why it’s important to be able to see both sides of an issue.
This Monday, students did their first Lincoln-Douglas debate style about whether or not kids should be able to use Facebook. They did a great job and came up with compelling arguments!
Check back soon to see what the other electives have been up to.

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