Camp Colman 2015!


And we’re back from camp! What a trip! When we first arrived on Wednesday, students learned about all of the energy that goes into growing, producing, shipping, and cooking their food and why it’s important not to waste food. This continued throughout the trip, with students trying to get “zero ort (scraps of food)” at each meal. The middle schoolers met that challenge head on, and we had several cabins that had zero food waste during the week!

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One of the primary reasons we go to camp at the beginning of the school year is so we can build a healthy community between students and teachers, and so students can work on problem solving together. Because of this, we had students complete many team-building activities together, where they worked on communication, grit, and cooperation. It was so interesting seeing their different solutions to the challenges they were given!

Students also got to participate in traditional camp activities like archery, the ever popular Gaga Ball, boating, and arts and crafts. We also were able to go on a night walk with the Camp Colman counselors, where we learned about nocturnal night life, experienced echo-location, and watched a beautiful sunset over the Sound. We ended the week with a lesson on Pacific Northwest Geography, and a couple rounds of  “Jedi Tag”. It was a great week!

We were sharing photos throughout the week on Instagram, so be sure to check out @seaburyschool to see more photos!

Also, look for more photos on the blog this week! (Your blogger was having some technical difficulties at press time)

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