The Louvre, crazy metros, and French Pizza

Bon nuit!

We have been quite busy here in France! Yesterday, we made it to Paris from Amsterdam, and then headed to Notre Dame Cathedral. After looking around a bit at the amazing gothic architecture, a few students headed over the river to check out Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore.

We then went to a lovely dinner in the Latin Quarter and to the Eiffel Tower. Sadly, the top was closed so we went to the second floor, which has great views of the city.

The next day, we headed out to the Louvre Museum. Students got to see the Mona Lisa and then broke into smaller groups to check out the other parts of the museum. It was great going with this group of students because they would offer interesting tidbits to whichever exhibit you were looking at. For example, one group was lucky enough to have a amateur Egyptologist with them while looking at the Egyptian artifacts.

After lunch, we went on a great bus tour of Paris. Highlights included Napoleon’s tomb, the Arc de Triomphe, parliament buildings, the Pantheon, and the Champs de Élysées. For dinner, we had Flammekueche, which is a pizza-like food traditional to France. We were proud of the students handling very crowded metros and new foods!



  We’re off to bed! Tomorrow-Normandy!

(Note from Tacoma: The official photographers on the trip have been dealing with scarce and slow wifi in uploading pictures to the blog. Several photos that were originally on this post didn’t load all the way, so we’ve deleted them for now. They’re doing a great job despite the technological difficulties and we promise a big show of photographs when they get back!)

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