Anne Frank Museum and Windmills

Hallo again!

Today we had the great opportunity to see the moving and poignant Anne Frank House. In the words of one student, “She represented those who didn’t have a voice.” The experience was meaningful and really brought Anne’s diary and the experience of those in hiding during the holocaust to life.

After that, we stopped for a quick lunch and drove to two traditional Dutch villages where students got to see the inner workings of windmills (one even made paint!), learn how cheese and chocolate are made, and see the process of making a wooden clog! We also got to stop for some souvenir shopping.

For dinner, we had wonderful Indonesian food. There are a lot of Indonesian immigrants in Amsterdam and its food has become popular with native Dutch people. We were particularly proud of the kids because everyone, including some notoriously picky eaters, tried new foods!

We’re up again early tomorrow morning to catch our train to Paris. More updates to come!













One thought on “Anne Frank Museum and Windmills

  1. Liz Kanieski

    We also had fun riding trams, traipsing through the streets of Amsterdam, and trying to remember and pronounce the Dutch names of the team stations we were getting off at :-).

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