Author Rushton Howard Visits Seabury

Students had the chance to meet with  Rushton Howard, author of the Sebastian Reckless series. He gave some great advice to our young authors while making them laugh uproariously. They will never forget the importance of the outline after his visit!

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Mr. Howard offered many great tips such as:

Brainstorm! Use an outline! Just write, write, write- you can fix it later! If you tell yourself you’re going to make mistakes it frees you up to write. The most important words of your rough draft is -THE END!

He also shared his process for illustrating his novels- which involves many many drafts and practicing to get his illustrations just right.

2014-12-08 09.36.35 2014-12-08 09.40.41

Students can still order copies of his books if they would like their own copy.

We’re looking forward to seeing more creative stories with OUTLINES! 🙂

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