From the Top Radio Show visit Seabury MS

We were so fortunate today to get a visit from amazing young musicians from NPR’s radio show “From the Top with Christopher O’Riley”. They performed at the Rialto Theater last night and then shared their amazing musicality with us this morning.

Here’s a list of the students we got to speak with and hear play: Maia Hoffman, viola, age 16 from Portland, OR.,  Derek Wang, piano, age 15 from Needham, MA.,  Kresley Figueroa, soprano, age 17 from Flagstaff, AZ., Konpeito Cello Quartet: Irene Jeong, age 17 from Palo Alto, CA, Catherine Kim, age 16 from Palo Alto, CAMinku Lee, age 17 from Palo Alto, CA,  Jeremy Tai, age 15 from Cupertino, CA

The radio show they taped last night will be airing June 2. Check back at the From the Top website!

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