Parallax Experiments

Students have been working on Science experiments for the past couple weeks. First we became familiar with the concept of parallax. If you’re not familiar with parallax, close one eye and hold up your thumb in front of an object, blocking it out. Then open that eye and close the other. Your thumb is no longer covering the object. That’s parallax. Astronomers use it to measure how far away stars are. Once students understood what parallax is, they generated questions they want to investigate that test parallax. Then they chose one and constructed an experiment. Today we did a group critique where students explained their experiments to the class, and the other students asked questions and made suggestions to make the experiments stronger. One big advantage of doing the group critique is that students get to think critically about several experiments rather than just their own. So it’s great practice in experiment design. Next week students will actually be carrying out their experiments and analyzing results.

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