Update 11/16/2012

Upcoming Events: 

Monday, November 19– Tour of Pantages Theater. 1pm.

Tuesday, November 20– Walking tour of Tacoma to study architecture with Doug McConnell, who led the “Save our Station Coalition” that saved Union Station from being demolished. Students need to dress for the weather! We’re leaving right at 8:30 am.

Wednesday, November 21– Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party! We’ll celebrate the way they do in the iconic holiday special;with jelly beans, pretzels, toast and ice cream. Your student will get a small shopping list on Monday.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Red Cross Coin Drive: We’ll be collecting coins (and bills!) until next Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Students got a chance to try their hand at setting up a museum display with Gary Bush. We also had a chance to visit the B-2 Art Gallery with the 5th Grade Octupi. We had  a great time seeing the displays from young artists around the world. Of course, we were all proud to see works by our very own M.B.!



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