Weekly Update 9/12/2012

It’s been a busy second week of school! We have begun our Tacoma History study with a meeting with Deb Freedman from the Tacoma Historical Society. Ms. Freedman is the author of the book, Tacoma’s Twenty-One Tales Every Student Should be Able to Tell.

The exciting news is that she is going to collaborate with our students to write a companion book. The working title is Lessons Learned From the Disasters and Defeats in the City of Destiny. Each student will write a chapter in this book! We’ll begin selecting topics and researching when we return from camp.

and speaking of camp…. We’re leaving Monday morning!  Each student has been sent home with a packing list and more information about our stay at Camp Colman. Since the trip is just two nights- the packing list can be reduced.  Use your best judgement. For example, just one pair of comfortable walking shoes will be fine. Sending layers will help your student through these chilly nights/mornings and warm days.  We are asking that students do not bring any Ipods, DSs, Gameboys or anything of that nature.

Please remember to bring all medication with the appropriate forms to school on Monday. Mrs. Ritchie will be the contact person for medications on this trip.

We will leave Monday, Sept. 17 at 9:00 am and return to school in time for pick-up Wednesday, Sept. 19 in the afternoon. 

In other news, students have been collaborating making bridges out of pasta! To begin our study of architecture and engineering, students are working on building the strongest model bridges they can, identifying weak points and taking into account how the weight and stress will be dissipated or transferred throughout the bridge.

They are also learning French,  beginning work in their math courses, blasting through the novel Divergent by Veronica Roth,  beginning vocabulary study, reviewing study skills,  learning new programs such as Edmodo in Tech and deciding on their first independent study project with Adam.

We also had a great time celebrating M.B’s birthday as we put her in the “hotseat” (where we all say something we like about her). We all  enjoyed her delicious Owl cupcakes!

Tomorrow is the Farmer’s Market for lunch and P.E.

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