Weekly Update 9/7/12

Welcome Back! We had a fabulous first week. What a cool group of kids!

Important Announcements: 

Camp Colman date change: We will be going just Sept. 17-19. (we have cancelled the 20th- see email regarding this) Look for more information coming home next week.

The kitchen will be open for business on Monday for students who have passed the Food Handler’s  Card test.  This means students are welcome to bring microwavable lunches or lunches that require quick cooking (soup, mac and cheese, toasted things etc..) The deal is that the students must be able to keep a clean and sanitary kitchen to keep it open.

Your student can go to: https://www.foodworkercard.wa.gov/language.html to complete the test if they haven’t had a chance yet. Seabury will pay the $10 for the card.

Our tech volunteer, Dan Taylor will be in next Wednesday morning. If you received an email from Mr. G about your student’s computer this week then  the computer has Windows 7 Home on it rather than Windows 7 Pro. We need Pro on the computer in order to have it connected to the server, to Seabury email (which is required) and to be able to print.  Please have Pro installed by next Wednesday.  Let us know if you have any questions and we can direct you to Dan.

We’ll be diving right into our core academics next week. They have been placed into math groups. Contact Mr. G if you have any questions.  They will have more regular homework.

We’re looking forward to great year with these fabulous kids!

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