Weekly Update 2/ 13/2012

Upcoming Events and Other Important Dates:

France meeting for students and families: Wed. March 22- 6:00 pm. Contact Halley if you’d like some Pizza!

5 paragraph essay for social studies– first draft due Friday, February,  24 2012

Independent Science Project #3- February 29

Research Paper (Students may choose one of the projects to write a research paper for.)- February 29

Tri-Fold Science Fair Board completed- February 29

All SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR- March 1 – Lower School Campus 6:00 p.m. All Middle School Students are encouraged to participate, families are invited to attend. 

 *Reminder: On Thursday, February 16– from 1:00-2:30, we will have a guest speaker to talk about the Holocaust. Marie-Anne Harkness, a second generation will tells her family’s story of resistance during the Holocaust.  Her Grandmother joined a “reseau” of the Resistance in Paris and helped to hide 300 Jewish refugees into free France. Parents are welcome to join us.

*Other reminders- This Wednesday 2/ 15-Dismissal at noon; Friday 2/ 17 and Monday 2/20- No school!

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