Language Arts and Social Studies Update

Upcoming Events:

Picture Day- Friday, September 30, 2011 (order forms in Friday Folders)

Thursday, September 29, 12:00 –students participate in Foss Waterway Master Redevelopment Meeting

Friday, October 14- Teacher in-service- no school for students

Language Arts and Social Studies Update

Language Arts:

Students have begun the process of Writer’s Workshop, learning to trust their own writing by diving head first into a creative story of their own invention. Teacher guidance is purposefully minimal at this stage as students build confidence in their own unique writing styles.

Vocabulary practice has begun in the text “1100 Words You Need to Know” with student performing very well on their first quiz. Each week, students will learn 20 new words and 5 new idioms and will be quizzed each Friday. It is best if students review the 5 new words they learn per-day every night.

Students have begun reading our first novel in the science fiction genre, H.G. Wells classic, The Time Machine. Enthusiastic discussions about time travel have exploded! Ask your student about the grandfather cause paradox. Students have been given a study guide that has vocabulary and questions. Each group has deadlines to meet in order to keep up with the pace of class.

Social Studies: We began our journey into our Destinations theme by staring at home and thinking about stuff. Lots of stuff. We watched the extremely interesting (if a bit preachy) video The Story of Stuff. lead to a discussion of toxic chemicals in our environment, which lead to a scavenger hunt though the school to see what kinds of cleaning products we’re using and other ways to make small changes in our school to help “Green up Seabury.” Students have formed committees to investigate  ways we can responsibly make changes. Students will then put together a proposal to present to our administrative team suggesting changes that the school can make. So far we have committees for; copy paper, paper towels, cleaners, batteries, water usage and waste- free lunch.

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