Math and Science Update

In Math, students have been split into ability groups. Each chapter will be pretested so I can see what the students already know in order to compact the instruction. Additionally, students have started work on a curriculum that exercises problem solving skills along with several specific Math skills. The Science project students have been working on also involves several Math skills.

In Science, students have been working on an exercise related to the ASARCO smelter that we’ve been studying. Students were asked to start with the dimensions of the site we’ve adopted through Citizens For A Healthy Bay. Then, they were asked to do research on what it would take to replace contaminated soil at the site, much like what Dirt Alert does. In order to do this, students had to research many issues: how deep to dig, how to remove the soil, disposal fees, what soil would be best, how much soil would be needed, delivery fees, etc. Students have learned a lot about the realities of dirt removal and exercised many Math skills along the way.