Construction update 9/21/2011

Hello friends, parents –

By now you’ve all experienced the exciting adventure that is attempting to drive down Court C.

Construction is well underway and we have been doing our best to adapt to the street blockages and weird traffic. We’ve even modified our outside time to add extra precautions (including flags, signs and safety vests). We’re limiting the amount of time students can spend playing soccer or football in the street, but when we are outside we make sure there are at least two staff members outside at all times as well, holding flags or signs.


On your end, you can help by being extra extra cautious when driving down Court C. One end of the street was temporarily blocked yesterday so cars were entering from the same side they were exiting. Other people have no idea what’s happening with the street and are driving down it backward. It wouldn’t be totally shocking to drive onto Court C and find yourself facing down another driver who’s headed down the wrong way. Please drive slowly and very carefully when dropping off or picking up your student!!


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