Court C construction update 9/19/2011

Hello parents –

As you can see, Court C construction has finally begun! Crews began to tear up S. 9th St. on Friday, and we are told this is going to be a 40-day project. That sets the end date at somewhere in November, though as well all know these things often take longer than planned.

I think we all had some excitement this morning trying to determine whether or not we could fit our cars on the street. Though Skyree’s awesome school bus maneuvering skills prove that it is possible to fit down the street, I have seen many cars driving the wrong way onto Court C already today. Our contacts at the city tell us Court C is never supposed to be blocked during this construction project, however, it is looking like our normally quiet little street is going to be a little extra treacherous for the next month and a half.

For more information, here is the city’s informational web page about the project:

Please proceed slowly and cautiously down the street – we’ll be exercising extra caution ourselves during lunch and when exiting the school.

Thank you!