Nitty Gritty update 9/8/11

Hello parents and middle school students –

This is the first email I’m sending out about some major construction work that is going to be going on around the middle school. I’ll keep you posted with all the information that I know as we draw closer.

For now, here’s how we’ll be affected:

  •  Ninth Street construction begins Monday – you should still be able to drive up Ninth if that’s the way you come to school, but expect some added congestion. An easier option for the next 40ish days may be to drive up Eleventh, turn right on Market and approach Court C from the top of the hill on Ninth.
  • Court C reversal — This is the big one, and unfortunately the one that we have the least solid information about. What we do know is that sometime before Oct. 7, the direction of Court C will be reversed from one-way heading south, to one-way heading north. This is great news for us, and is actually coming about because City Councilman David Boe noticed our kids having to walk out into the street and around our school bus to load onto the bus. Reversing traffic directions will allow our school bus to load and unload directly to the sidewalk in front of our building and will make the process much safer and easier. The tricky part will be communication and getting people to reverse their driving directions. The signs on the street will change and we’ve purchased two bright yellow “slow down” flagger signs that we’ll be posting on either side of the school to give drivers an extra reminder that we’re here. You can help by paying attention to these emails so you know when to switch directions, and by telling everyone you know! You’ll probably also want to proceed extra cautiously down the street once the directions do reverse – we’re anticipating a lot of confused people for those first few weeks.

Thank you and I’ll continue to keep you posted as I learn more. Let me know if you have any questions – the city has been great about keeping in contact with me and making sure we are aware of the upcoming changes, and have had the chance to give our input on them.




Hello everyone:

As a reminder, the contractor will start working on South 9th Street on Monday, Sept.  12, 2011.

Work will start at the Commerce Street end and will work up hill.  The first item is to demolish the curb, gutter and sidewalk on the south side of 9th Street.

The contractor has scheduled to put back the sidewalk by Oct. 7, 2011.  Please note this sidewalk work will take approximately 4 weeks to complete and the contractor must maintain access to adjacent properties at all times.

After the sidewalk is completed the contractor will move to the street work.  I will continue to provide updates as the project moves forward.

The work described above will include the changes at Court C.   If all goes per schedule Court C will be reversed by October 7.

Please keep in mind that weather or unknown site conditions may lengthen the schedule.

Feel free to call or email me if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks.

Dan Soderlind

City of Tacoma


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