Technology, a class and a part of life.

Dear Readers,

throughout the year we have been exploring free open source programming, starting with Pure Data (PureData (en), Pure Data — PD Community Site) and become so deeply immersed in it’s programming that we used it for special effects at the Seabury Showcase. We also used windows movie maker, Audacity and AVI converter for the show.
Since then we have touched lightly on the photoshop program GIMP 2 (GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program) and several other open source programs: such as Context Free Art (Context Free Art), Hackety Hack (No illegal programing 🙂 ( Hackety Hack! )), paint (Paint.NET – Free Software for Digital Photo Editing), Processing ( ), Alchemy (Alchemy | An open drawing project), and Inkscape (Inkscape. Draw Freely.), Sketchup 8 (Google SketchUp), Synthesia (Synthesia, Piano for Everyone), and West Point Bridge Designer (
We have, however, begun to work on simple machinery using the Arduino robot kit ( which comes with a simple computer with the same amount of power as the programming that guided astronauts to thee moon on the Apollo 11. Thanks to our tech teacher, Adam Brock, and students with an equal amount of enthusiasm, this is where we are. Although many of these programs we have not yet mastered, this is where we are.

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