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Please be prepared for a reading of serenity* and absorption . This is JY signing in.
This past week we have met a very awesome lady from the Tacoma Rotary Exchange program named Carly. She is from South Africa and when she was 16, she went up to the United States and participated in the Rotary Exchange Program. The Rotary Exchange Program is a great opportunity that lets you travel around the world and live with a host family for either 3 months, 6 months, and 11 months. We saw a video that showed teens from the US traveling to places such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and many more fun, exciting places. Plus, the best part was that she gave us lot’s of tasty candy from South Africa. 🙂
That was the highlight of Tuesday, plus we have a whole load of projects that we have to work on. We have Science Fair Project, Biography Project, Independent Work Project, and a Tech Project! We are working like pack mules to hopefully get these finished before time.
On Wednesday, we went to the YMCA like usual, had our three blocks, and had a fabulous afternoon of French, Tech, and working on our Biography Projects.
On Thursday, we were snowed in!!!! No School!!!!!
And Friday, after our 2 hour delay, we split up into two groups and one group went to Yoga while the other one took a stroll in Wright Park. In the evening, we had French and Tech and caught up on our Projects.
Well, that concludes our short little week consisting of 3 days. Hopefully you LOVED my column, and this is JY, signing off. Try not to cry, I will be back. 🙂
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