Mandalas, Madness and the Mayor!

What a busy week for Seabury Middle School! We’ve been getting ready for our “Semester Showcase”, building sets, making mandalas and for some kids- meeting the Mayor!
We had three students take the initiative to contact Mayor Marilyn Strickland to ask her thoughts on homeless children in Tacoma. The students are currently working on videos to promote awareness for the organization, “Stand Up for Kids” which helps homeless and runaway youth. The mayor was very gracious during the interview and offered some insights, advice and statistics as to what Tacoma is doing to help homeless children. Their meeting is featured in Tacoma Weekly! Check out the article here:

During the interview, Mayor Strickland admired the students’ initiative and Seabury’s ability to provide such real-life, powerful experiences for the students. She said, “Seabury Middle School has Tacoma and beyond as their classroom. It’s wonderful to have you as our neighbors.” She was pleased to meet such polite, motived and enthusiastic young people. The students came away with the lesson that even a small group of young people can make a positive impact.

Meanwhile, back at school the students continue to connect to their community as they work with Mike Figueroa, the set designer for Tacoma Little Theater, as he helps them build the set for the technology display they’ve been working on. These Pure Data “patches” will be projected onto the backdrops they built while the Garage Bands perform on Friday night.

In addition to using their creativity to build sets with Mike and Adam, the students had the opportunity to work with local artist Kate Pascal, making mandalas. She helped them connect the symbolism and meanings of mandalas to the study of comparative religions we’re completing.

While thinking of what focal point and design they wanted to use they took a break with some of Kate’s hula hoops!Then they got to work creating intricate designs rich with symbolism that was personal to them. They look amazing. Come see them on display Friday nightIt isn’t all work here. We make time for lots of exercise with our PE classes at the downtown YMCA. Crab soccer anyone?!

The kids even had a chance to go head-to-head in a balance competition with some students from SOTA. (The girls won that one-hands down!)

One of the garage bands gets one more practice before Friday night’s show.

See you Friday night! We can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we’ve worked on this year.
Semester Showcase! 6:30-here at the Middle School.
925 Court C. Tacoma, WA 98403
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