Upcoming: We will be celebrating Special Friends and Grandparents Day on Thursday, May 27. Students are encouraged to invite a special friend to join us here at 11 a.m. to tour the school and view our new mural, then enjoy lunch at the Broadway Farmers Market. We’ll be making and mailing invitations next week. Mark your calendars! Read more here.

There will be a Babysitter Training class on Saturday, May 22nd. Please let me know if your 11 years old or older child would like to attend. Read morehere.

Math: Our Course 3 students have been doing some pretty sophisticated graphing of quadrilateral and cubic functions. It’s been a challenging skill for them, and they’ve done an admirable job! Course 1 and 2 students have been working with classification of geometric shapes and expressing how to find missing measurements of angles in algebraic form.

Architecture: We’ll be visiting BCRA again on Monday to go over our SketchUp projects with them and work with their SketchUp expert to learn new tricks. The students also thought/talked/wrote in response to a question Gail at BCRA had for them about what makes an architectural icon. The last time we were there, we helped them brainstorm ideas for the new Children’s Museum project they’re working on. (Highlights included a velcro wall and an indoor wading pool.)

We’re also working on writing a detailed history of the Union Station, its architecture, its renovation and the district with the intent of giving the finished product to one of the local historical societies and possibly more… Details soon!

Middle School Exams: This year, middle school students will be taking End of Year Exams. The exams will be comprehensive in nature, although we will not be covering the full year’s worth of material. We will be placing specific emphasis on how to study for an exam rather than the results of the exams. This is not a “high stakes” exam and will not have a disproportionate impact on the students’ final grade in any subject. As this is the first year that students have taken an exam, our focus will be to generate a successful experience.

The goals are:

  • To understand what a comprehensive test constitutes
  • To further develop study skills
  • To develop test taking strategies
  • To have students derive some success around taking exams
  • To prepare students for high school
  • To assist in drawing closure to the school year

Schedule: We will begin to review material during the week of June 1. Students will receive information from their teachers about the content of the exam and to develop outlines and strategies for studying that material.

Exams will be taken June 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Students will have an exam in English, Math, Integrated Studies (Glaciology, Tacoma history, Civics, Architecture) and French.

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