Architecture: We continued with our ongoing architecture unit this week, beginning with a visit to downtown firm BCRA on Monday. We met with architect Gail Merth who gave a presentation on architecture and had us brainstorming ideas for the new Children’s Museum building! They’ll have Seabury to thank if the museum ends up with a giant Velcro wall.

She also turned us on to a new program that students AND staff have been loving. Ask your student about Google Sketchup, or check it out for yourselfhere.

We will return to BCRA for another visit and tour in the coming weeks.

Michael Sullivan with Artifacts Architectural Consulting also gave a great presentation at the middle school on Tuesday. Thank you Michael!

Architecture tours continued with a visit to Tacoma’s Old City Hall building. Did you know there are ancient jail cells in the basement? Or that people can access the inside of the bell tower? (With the help of friendly property managers, of course.) Check out pictures from the visit on our Flickr page.

Library: Another exciting new development this week was the addition of a Middle School library! Seabury librarian Becky Young came over with a van full of books, and we rearranged furniture, cleaned and shelved books together.

Just two days later, there are library books sitting on nearly every desk. Thank you Becky!

Dining Out for Life: Thursday we took part in the nation-wide AIDS fundraiser “Dining Out for Life.” We voted on two restaurants as a class, then divided into groups and dined out.

Twenty-five percent of our bill was donated to the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, and many of the students brought extra money to donate as well. They were generous and respectful, and FULL after a giant lunch.

Thank you also to the parents and students who dined out for dinner as well. I know I saw some of you at Europa Bistro, and I’m sure there were many more at other restaurants around Tacoma.

P.E. Swimming starts next Thursday! We are reminding students this and next week that they will need to be prepared with swimsuit, towel, etc.

Art: Also beginning next week is work on our mural project with Seattle artist Jose Orantes. We are excited to brighten up Court C as well as give students the chance to work with this talented artist.

Twitter: For those of you who tweet, there are some great gifted resources to be found. Check out the Hoagies Gifted Twitter feed, the Davidson Institute, or Deborah Mersino. You can find more great Twitter feeds to read by visitingSeabury’s Twitter page and checking out who WE follow.

Additionally, every Friday at 9 a.m. (noon EST)the gifted/talented Twitter community takes to the web for a live chat with a different subject each week. Each related tweet is tagged with #gtchat for ease of searching and reading.

Gifted Teens survey: A new edition of The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook is in the works from Free Spirit Publishing, and needs YOUR student’s help.

The book “will be based on the actual experiences, frustrations, desires, and ideas of students like you.

Our survey is for gifted teens ages 11–17, and includes questions about giftedness, education, relationships, and personal growth. All responses are anonymous and confidential.”

Take the survey here.

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