All current and incoming Middle School parents are strongly encouraged to attend a parent meeting on Thursday, April 22 at 7 p.m. at the middle school campus. Read more here.

Twitter: For those of you who tweet, there are some great gifted resources to be found. Check out the Hoagies Gifted Twitter feed, the Davidson Institute, or Deborah Mersino. You can find more great Twitter feeds to read by visitingSeabury’s Twitter page and checking out who WE follow.

Additionally, every Friday at 9 a.m. (noon EST)the gifted/talented Twitter community takes to the web for a live chat with a different subject each week. Each related tweet is tagged with #gtchat for ease of searching and reading.

Check out today’s #gtchat transcript here.

Gifted Teens survey: A new edition of The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook is in the works from Free Spirit Publishing, and needs YOUR student’s help.

The book “will be based on the actual experiences, frustrations, desires, and ideas of students like you.

Our survey is for gifted teens ages 11–17, and includes questions about giftedness, education, relationships, and personal growth. All responses are anonymous and confidential.”

Take the survey here.

Testing Week! Next week is testing week at Seabury. The standardized test we use is the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, or ITBS. We’ve been talking to the students about ways they can prepare, mainly through maintaining healthy eating and sleeping habits throughout the week. We appreciate your support with this! Testing will happen in the mornings, Monday through Thursday. Any tests that were missed due to absence can be made up on Friday. Each day during the week, we’ll be using the first half hour of the day for a fun activity that will help the students be calm, focused, and awake for the test.

Architecture: We started studying architecture this week. We’ll be using the buildings in downtown Tacoma as jumping off points to study three different aspects of architecture: history/styles, design of space/form and function, and structural engineering principles. We started off by getting a fantastic tour of Union Station and its surrounding area from Doug McDonnell, who was on the team that worked to save the building from demolition and then oversaw its renovation.

From this we learned not only about the fascinating history of the station and that part of downtown, but also some basic architectural vocabulary and building techniques. It was a great way to start the unit! From there, we’ve been studying basic architectural principles like load, compression, tension, etc. Next week we’ll be starting in on some fun activities, so that the students can start trying these principles out for themselves. We have a lot more exciting things to come in this unit, so stay tuned.

English: On Tuesday, we traveled to the Tacoma Book Center – the largest used book store in Tacoma. Once there, students were asked to select a book for their next independent reading book. The school purchased that book and it will go into the middle school library once they have finished reading it. We all enjoyed the opportunity to peruse the vast quantity of books on the shelves!

We fit in a quick trip to the Tacoma Art Museum on Thursday as well.

Civics: This week, students were asked to write a detailed and personal account of what they learned in the Civics Unit as a thank you note to Brenda Bono for her guidance and assistance in generating this unit of study. We worked through several drafts and the letters turned out very well.

Friday morning breakfast: Today, we started the day by making breakfast – scrambled and fried eggs, toast, hash browns, fresh fruit cut up, and orange juice. We created one large “breakfast table” that seated all of us. We shared a very good breakfast and gave thanks to Brenda for her work to create the incredibly successful Civics Unit. What a great way to start the day!

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