The nitty gritty: Don’t forget, next week is a three-day week!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be business as usual — then we’ll see you the following Tuesday! Childcare will be offered at the Lower School on Feb. 11 and 12 – make sure to return the forms attached to Joslyn’s Thursday e-mail by this afternoon if you require childcare.

Everybody should have received their report card via e-mail earlier this week. Please contact Halley if you did not receive your student’s report card. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail with any questions.

We’re also doing a final push to fill up our Middle School auction baskets. We could use a few more games for “Family Game Night” basket, and our camping basket could use some TLC. E-mail Brenda Bono with questions about the baskets.

Auction tickets are on sale now! Make sure to RSVP to Katherine Overton for your spot at this year’s auction!

Service Learning: We made our second visit to the residents of Franke Tobey Jones this week, to continue interviews and discussions. Last week residents gave us great feedback on our students and their excitement about this project.

English: Students continued their work on Dragonwings, and on vocabulary in 1,100 Words.

Math: Math instruction has continued this week with some new topics and some review. Topics have included proportional and nonproportional relationships, ratios, unit rate, similar polygons, lowest common denominator, and everyone’s favorite: reducing/adding/subtracting/mult/dividing mixed numbers and fractions.

Science: Exciting things have been brewing in Science! Our first couple of due dates for the Science Fair were this week. I was able to meet with each student and talk about his/her Science Fair topic and how it might be translated into a measurable experiment. (Only a couple more students to talk to because of absences.)

There are some really cool projects being planned: everything from harvesting wind energy, to the effect of electricity on ferrofluid, to the effect of different pH levels on yeast, to learning styles, to lie detecting, to investigating strategies of crooked carnival games!! So cool. Next, the students formed their ideas into testable questions and began to think about constructing an experiment that will answer their questions. The next due dates coming up are next week as the students compile a list of resources they’ll be using for background information and then decide exactly how they’re going to construct their experiments.

The Science Fair is on March 4th this year and will be held at the Lower School campus at 6:30pm.

There are going to be some pretty amazing projects this year, and I would highly encourage you to sign your child up for the South Sound Regional Science Fair. The Regionals are held at Pacific Lutheran University every year, and it’s a great chance for your child to see what other students his/her age, younger, and older are working on and get experience presenting projects and advocating for themselves. We’d love to have a strong showing from Seabury at Regionals this year, so I’ll be talking to the students and encouraging them too!

Snowshoeing: We had a great time!

Thank you Dr. Todd for accompanying us to Mt. Rainier! We learned a lot about what it would take to be a glaciologist — and we could use a LOT more practice before we are ready for the kind of day these scientists take on!

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