The nitty gritty: A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our Open House last night, donated snacks or donated their students to serve as tour guides. Parents continue to be our best spokespeople on what sets Seabury apart, so keep up the good work on spreading the word to any potential “Seabury kids” you may come across.

Thank you to all students who volunteered their time to support the Middle School’s Open House last night. It is a true compliment that so many students were eager to share their school with others!

We continue to collect money to donate to aid in Haiti. The donation jar lives on the front desk at the Middle School.

Parents should have received a flier via e-mail for Monday’s “Library Talk” with Head of School Sandi Wollum. Pass it along, or stop by the Middle School yourselves at 7 p.m. to hear her speak on “Educating Our Children for Life.”

We also have have one more open house coming up next Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Lower School!

English: This week, students turned in their book reviews of their literature selections for December. We will be focusing on biographies for January.

Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our readings of early Tacoma history next week and students will be choosing topics for their independent research project.

Service Learning: Next Tuesday, we will make our first visit to the Franke Tobey Jones Retirement Community to meet with residents. During this introductory visit, students will be paired up with several residents and share their “This I Believe” essays. Students will then initiate the first of several interviews as part of an oral history project.

We have been working with Lee Fisher, Co-Founder of the Seabury School who is a resident at Franke Tobey Jones. She has been instrumental in the development of this project and we are very appreciative of her continued involvement in the School!

We will spend considerable time in school preparing students for these visits so that they are able to effectively communicate with an elderly population as well as leading an activity. The Seabury Middle School will be establishing a long term relationship with the residents at the Franke Tobey Jones Retirement Community and we will be making visits there on regular for the rest of the school year and beyond.

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