October 9, 2009

Language Arts

Students have continued their work in 1,100 words and have a test today on Week 2’s words. Our vocabulary work thus far has focused on words, definitions, and contextual meaning. We will be adding the spelling of those words in the upcoming weeks.

Last week, students went to the Tacoma Public Library and checked out a book for their Independent Reading Book. Every month or so, students will be required to make a selection of a book for their Independent Reading Book. Students will be required to complete a written review of that book based on the guideline that are provided. Each month, students will select books based on guidelines that they receive from me.

Students have been doing a wide variety of writing assignments and I am impressed with the quality and perseverance that students are demonstrating. Today, students are turning in a short story they wrote based on the their boats journey down the Puyallup River to Commencement Bay. As I write this piece, students are writing a descriptive essay on their experience on the Adventuress schooner on Thursday.


Most of our students have been working with the Order of Operations at various skill levels this week. Other topics have included exponents and square roots, and algebraic expressions.

Social Studies and Science

Students have been researching point source and nonpoint source pollution this week at the library and in class. We’ve had several questions to answer. What are the different of agricultural pollution? What compounds should we be looking for in our Puyallup River samples that would indicate agricultural pollution? How do we test for those compounds?

We also continued our study of the Puyallup River by making it out onto the Sound to the mouth of the river. There we got to do some dissolved oxygen and salinity tests, as well as enjoy stories about the historic ship we were on, and interface with the people who work on the ship fulltime. See pictures of this on our Photos page!

Also, check in next week as we’ll be posting the essays the students have written about this experience.


Students got set up with Outlook this week so that they can use the calendar portion of the program to keep track of homework.


Students have been working on major and minor keys.


Students have continued their work on numbers, irregular verbs and conversational skills.

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