Seabury 6th Graders Win Startup Weekend Seattle by Creating a Company that Teaches Kids How to Code



Check out two of our amazing 6th graders who took first prize at Startup Weekend Seattle, beating out adults as they developed a computer coding program for kids.

“It took two middle schoolers to come up with a game that could teach kids to code — developing an approach that could revolutionize the way technology is taught in schools.
It’s called GenerationCode.
Seabury Middle School sixth graders Fiona Brennan and Semira Lacet-Brown and their team of nine professional adults took top honors at Startup Weekend at University of Washington last weekend.
Lacet-Brown has been learning to code for two years and she’s been having a hard time finding a tool that suits her level of skills, noting that there aren’t any coding games for middle schoolers.
The girls took the top prize at Startup Weekend, a 54-hour event where entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and developers all come together to pitch their ideas for businesses, form teams and build projects. Each team
 presents their project to judges at the end of the event. As Lacet-Brown was interested in coding and Brennan was interested in design, they sat down together and came up with a computer game that teaches young kids how to code.” -Geekwire Magazine

Read the whole article here:


AND Check them out on the King 5 News!http://

Check out their new website: http://

We couldn’t be more proud of these innovative, creative ladies.

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Density of Water

The challenge: Can you prove that cold water is more dense than warm water? In chemistry, students had to find ways to show this is true. They experimented with layering different water temperatures.



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Poetry and Shakespeare in the Park

“O! how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April day!”-

We’ve been taking full advantage of this beautiful weather and taking our studies outside. We’ve used Theater Square Park to write with observational skill, and dive into Poetry.

Here’s some snippets of student work:

Aluminum Fish
if you were given the chance
to leap from your post
where the discarded soda cans dance
would you take it? 
Thousands of small leaves
crushed mercilessly underfoot
without second thought
Lamps stood sentry at the passages between hedges. A large grey and yellow building stood at one end of the park. Dragonflies flew busily around.
The smell was like pine needles. Most time you couldn’t notice it, but in came in stabs occasionally.
The architecture was strange here, going from extremely modern to mid-Victorian. It smelled like salt and oregano.
Knox surveyed his surroundings, squinting from the sunlight and whispered into the palm of his hand, “It seems like a glorious day to be kidnapped, don’t you think Jo?”  

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We also enjoyed some reading of a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” in preparation for the upcoming play. True Shakespeare in the Park style!

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From the Top Radio Show visit Seabury MS

We were so fortunate today to get a visit from amazing young musicians from NPR’s radio show “From the Top with Christopher O’Riley”. They performed at the Rialto Theater last night and then shared their amazing musicality with us this morning.

Here’s a list of the students we got to speak with and hear play: Maia Hoffman, viola, age 16 from Portland, OR.,  Derek Wang, piano, age 15 from Needham, MA.,  Kresley Figueroa, soprano, age 17 from Flagstaff, AZ., Konpeito Cello Quartet: Irene Jeong, age 17 from Palo Alto, CA, Catherine Kim, age 16 from Palo Alto, CAMinku Lee, age 17 from Palo Alto, CA,  Jeremy Tai, age 15 from Cupertino, CA

The radio show they taped last night will be airing June 2. Check back at the From the Top website!

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Happy Earth Day

We spent this Earth Day cleaning up the city of Tacoma. The kids picked up so much garbage! We also took a picture of ourselves for NASA’S Global Selfie Day!











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Writing and Goats

What on earth does writing have to do with goats? Well today we found out. Word on the street was that there were a herd of goats next to the Elk’s Building. We took advantage of such knowledge and walked down to see them. Students used all their senses to observe and study the goats. We walked back to school, broke out the laptops and poured those observation into the written word. These and other direct experiences will weave their way into their creative writing over the next few weeks.









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NYC- Final Days

“And suddenly it came to him. That Strawberry Fields garden he’d come from, and the Freedom Tower he’d been thinking of: taken together, didn’t they contain the two words that said it all about this city, the two words that really mattered? It seemed to him that they did. Two words: the one an invitation, the other an ideal, an adventure, a necessity. “Imagine” said the garden. “Freedom” said the tower. Imagine freedom. That was the spirit, the message of this city he loved. You really didn’t need anything more. Dream it and do it. But first you must dream it.” 
― Edward RutherfurdNew York

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