Microbiology Experiments

Our study of Microbiology has led to a couple experiments that are currently running in our incubator. When we were talking about viruses and bacteria, the kids expressed interest in growing some extremophile bacteria (bacteria that live in extreme conditions that would kill most living things), so I got some halobacteria for us to culture. Halobacteria are a salt-loving bacteria strain that lives in places like the Great Salt Lake. They’re cool for beginners to grow because their agar is so salty, nothing else will grow on it, so you can’t really contaminate it.

We’ve also been running another experiment. I asked the question: What part of the middle school harbors the most bacteria? We then poured some agar plates and students swabbed the part of the school that they thought would grow the most bacteria (themselves and the bathroom were ruled out). The last time we did this experiment (three years ago), it was a student’s lunch box that grew the most bacteria. Gross, huh? There are a couple reasons for doing this experiment. The first is so that the students can see that really any surface in the school will grow bacteria. Also, students get to learn sterile lab technique.

I’ll report back when we have an answer to the question!

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Blackout Poetry

Yesterday, we borrowed inspiration from Austin Kleon, author of Newspaper Blackout, and made blackout poetry. Students were given a random photocopy of a book and then were asked to blackout words to make poetry. Check out our great poems!





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First Friday All School Gathering

We celebrated the first “First Friday” all school gathering last week. The middle school trekked over to the lower school for the morning. Everyone enjoyed Gathering, multi-age classes and  pizza.

Preschoolers to 8th graders, and everyone in-between, had a chance to try different activities and interact with each other.  The middle schoolers practiced being great role models for the younger kids.

2014-10-03 11.18.27

Legos were  a huge hit for all ages.

2014-10-03 11.18.36

The middle school kids couldn’t stay away from the old marble run that has been kicking around the school for years! Still a hit.

2014-10-03 11.19.56 2014-10-03 11.22.20

Some “big kids” get schooled on Lincoln Log technique.

2014-10-03 11.23.00

Some second graders were very grateful for those middle schoolers who helped  this make  tower reach the ceiling. 2014-10-03 11.49.25Our next “First Friday” will be November 7. Parents are always invited to Gathering at 9:00(there’s Starbucks involved!)


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Harry Potter Park(ing) Day!

Excuse me sir, would you like to play some Quidditch?

2014-09-19 10.01.31
Today Seabury students participated in Tacoma Downtown on the Go’s annual Park(ing) Lot day.
Students transformed a parking lot into a Harry Potter Wonderland, complete with a Quidditch game, Harry Potter books and all manner of props.




2014-09-19 10.03.49
Students also got to visit other booths set up around the city and helped to get to know and support other local businesses.




Passersby were invited to also play some Quidditch and have the Sorting Hat decide which house they were in, which determined which cool Seabury prizes they could win.

Through this activity students had to make phone calls and inquire about getting props. They had to determine how much artificial grass would cost and borrow things from other businesses in the neighborhood. They had many chances to interact with various people in the community. Most important, they had to learn to work together and cooperate!

And…. check out “Professor McGonagall’s” retro Beacons chair- a gift from when she taught the current 8th graders when they were in 2nd grade! The kids had fun seeing how much bigger their hand prints have gotten.


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Overheard at Camp Colman

2014-09-11 14.51.55“Messing up helped us figure it out”

Without talking we learned to watch each other and figure it out."“Without talking we learned to watch each other and figure it out”

2014-09-11 14.59.08“Support from each other helped us finish.”

2014-09-11 15.24.25“That was the first time I saw kids solving it that way!” (from the counselor)

2014-09-11 15.26.07 “I’ll call that ‘creative cheating’, you all broke rules I didn’t even think of!” (also from the counselor)

2014-09-11 19.33.47“It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone.”

2014-09-11 20.21.13“I’m nervous, but I’m going to do this anyway.”

2014-09-12 12.03.10“We’re on different teams but we’re still friends!”

2014-09-12 12.46.26 “Go Team Seabury!”




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Camp Colman!

Rock climbing, catwalk logs, vertical play pens, challenge games and Ga-Ga ball! Oh my! Not much time but here’s some pictures on the fly.










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2014-2015 We’re BAAACCCCKKK…….

This year started off on the right foot, or rather, feet, with a three legged race!

048 049050 051


We had fun playing games in PE at the Tacoma Center YMCA

003 004

And we had a great time eating lunch at the Tacoma Farmer’s Market!

007 008

We’re off to a great start for a fabulous year!

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